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I hope you enjoy your free gift. The creation of this unique Horoscope was the realization of a dream of mine to create an Astrology Chart and report with real people who represent the planets in your Horoscope. 22 people embody the 12 Astrology Signs and 10 Planets of the Zodiac. Add your information to the form above and then click submit to see your Astrology Chart. Then choose from the planet avatars to discover more about your Signs and Planets through images and insights. All Horoscopes are delivered as Sidereal Astrology, only. A great opportunity to gain new perspectives on your chart. Want to Contact me for a Session? You can reach me by phone: (503) 974-4017.  Please leave your email address and a phone number where I can reach you in your message. I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, the same time zone as San Francisco. Or drop me a line via Email: Email me at
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